Yoga for Vitality: Flow and Go<br>Patti Lewis

Yoga for Vitality: Flow and Go
Patti Lewis

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Patti Lewis
Laurie W You are so very welcome Laurie!  And nice to meet you.
Pamela  D
Loved this practice - perfect pace and cues (for me at least!) with a good balance of strength and stretching. Thanks
Patti Lewis
Pamela D I am so glad to hear that Pamela!  It is really helpful for me to know that the pace and cues worked for you.  You are so very welcome!
Kate M
This was a lovely flow on a humid rainy day. Lovely cueing. Thank you Patti Lewis.  : ) 
Patti Lewis
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Kate M You are so welcome Kate! I wish you could send some rain to LA. 
This was exactly what I needed this morning to get me moving and motivated for my day. A really uplifting practice. Thank you Patti. ❤️
Patti Lewis
Ali Yay!!! You are so welcome Ali.  
Hope H
Fantastic morning flow - much more ready for my day now thank you!
Patti Lewis
Hope H You are so welcome and hope you have a great day!
Samantha P
Thank you for this lovely practice. It was the perfect class to gradually come into movement. I feel much more energized, calm, and focused now. Thank you! 
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