Good Morning Yoga: Twisting Flow<br>Alana Mitnick

Good Morning Yoga: Twisting Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Amber K
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Wonderful to practise with you again this morning. Thank you. Amber. Xxx
Alana Mitnick
Wonderful, Amber! Thank you for your practice. xo
Kim D
video freezing multiple times
Gia C
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(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Kim ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the video freezing. I recommend trying our Alternate Video Player which allows you to choose a lower video quality. I find that Medium works well for me. If you continue to have trouble with the videos, please email us at for more options.
Hannah L
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Another AMAZING practice, Alana! Thank you for your guidance and the ease with which you teach. :D
Alana Mitnick
Hi Hannah! I'm delighted that you enjoyed the practice. We are in this together. Thank you for being here. xo
Marcia D
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What sweetness!
Alana Mitnick
Hi Marcia! Thank you for practicing with me. So sweet to be in this together. Wishing you a wonderful day.
Johanna L
Namaste from Sweden. Have a wonderful day
Alana Mitnick
Namaste, Johanna. Wishing you as wonderful day, as well, from the Ojai valley. xo
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