Inner Workings: The Practice of Affection
Kira Sloane

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So much wisdom! Thank you! I will most definitely be using this to soothe myself! 🦄🦄🦄🦄
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Kira! It is fascinating to find more data points and to have you in my living room with me :). Thanks for traveling to my home in this ever more seeming virtual world. I discovered today that I was stubbornly trying to identify a human affection and didn’t have the full gooey feeling as I did today. I brought my past pets in and my friends’ dogs. It was so soft and comforting to feel the joy of loving them and letting go of the judgement of my expectations of having a simple love for humans. Much love!
Kadee! So happy to see you. Thank you for letting me know what worked! best. wild wild wild times. xok
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Unexpected tears came as I brought my mom into my heart as the easy , comforting person .  She was always a steady , loving presence .💕
Oh Susan R, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Xok 
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Wow! This was such a profound practice for me. It gave me a hint of what true love, affection, and devotion is, and I realized that I've been falsely placing affection on disharmonious relationships in an effort to be accepted by all, when I haven't been noticing my true affection for those like my son and my true self. This will be so helpful to come back to again and again when I'm feeling anxious, stressed, or worried and when I'm practicing bhakti. Thank you for teaching us to be yogi scientists and to truly feel what's real.
Yes, what you share resonates deeply, Rosanna S. xok
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Thank you for this practice. The experience was truly a mind and body opening. It will stay with me all day, I believe 
So wonderful to hear, Sara S. xok
Kira, this was wonderful. Such a delicate and tender (yes, tender!) practice to deepen our exploration of the connection between the mind and body.
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