Keepin' it Real: Start Your Day
Robert Sidoti

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What a lovely,calm and smoothing practise.!Loved Roberts way with words, great cues and demo. Thank you. Look forward to watching the others he has done.
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my first time! I love it! Robert was easy to follow and I love his style of being real. THANK YOU!
Thank you Maureen and Kathleen!
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Very calming, exactly what I need to understand breath and nerves.
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I agree. The way you explain everything is very helpful, informative and forgiving. You move at a great pace, and have a warm delivery in your explanations. 2 thumbs up!
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I enjoyed that one, thank you! Love the "realness" of Robert.
I'm so happy this video is helpful for you all, makes me happy:)
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The advice on downward dog is great. Thanks!
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I would prefer if the teacher wore a top (male or female)
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Robert is awesome... besides hot. Sans shirt is fine with me. ;o)
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