Inner Workings: Instruments of Perception
Kira Sloane

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I just think maybe I have fallen into classical racket mode , the world will never understand spirtually inclined people and the metaphor of Isaac and Esua , the natural will hate the spiritual, why Pat stresses "sense withdrawl", anyway I have said too much allready ..are we of this world?

God Bless and go well R
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Dearest Richard,
I am so glad that you have found Erich as a teacher. He is also my teacher, so we are students together. xok
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H e has been overwhelmingly generous sending me videos and a personal e-mail , I feel drawn to his style a mature gentle deconstuctionist , need perhaps to discipline myself a bit more in favour of Yoga rather than weights , tree logs and even jogging.But I am very free form using all manner of props etc anyway

Yoga is such an experiment , give Erich a big hug from me next time you see him .

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Wonderful instruction. So full of compassion, joy, and wisdom!
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Kate, it makes me happy you are here. xok
Dear Kira,
thank you again for such a beautiful practice. My mind is calm, and I can feel spaciousness in my body, specially in the head. It's an interesting feeling, like a mint refreshing energy flowing inside. ))) Thank you!

My best wishes for the week!

Om Om Darya
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Darya, I so love your description of the internal landscape as minty and refreshing! Beautiful and so clear! Happy to be here together. Love, K
Dear Kira, I wasn't quite sure where you were going with this practice, and I was just ok with it when we finished. This morning, however, I had a sensation of open heartedness that was so subtle and so sweet that I understood exactly where you went with this practice. :) My intention for 2018, is to open up my heart space, I have been "living" with a closed heart for far to long, and spirit said, "that's enough!". I really thought that it would have been easier than it actually is though! hahahaha... and as it opens and reveals itself to a more aware and mindful me, I'm less afraid and more interested in feeling all the feelings, :) so thank you! Namaste.
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Oh Maria Elena, your discoveries make me very happy.
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