Keepin' it Real: Spacious Hips, Quiet Mind
Robert Sidoti

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Loving Robert's practice. Love the 30 minutes, love how he truly keeps it real. So good in the morning!
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This is the 2nd of Robert's videos I've watched and I love his calming and reassuring manner which is something I can tune into . Great cues again. Thank you Robert. Looking forward to watching the rest of your classes.
Pamela and Maureen! Soo glad you are enjoying Yoga Anytime! Thanks for your comments:)
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Really enjoying the practice, looking forward to the day my hips are a bit more flexible, but very much appreciated!!
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I really liked this, this was a fantastic way to be guided into deeper hip opener than I usually experience. Thank you, very much!
Niiiiiice!!! Happy happy hips!! Loved the gentle and respectful guidance!! Thank you!
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Robert, you are really helping me get back into yoga with your easy-going vibe. Thank you.
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This is my favourite one of all the videos I've found on Yoga Anytime. My hips/hamstrings/gluteus are a big focus for me since that's currently where most of the tightness resides. This is great to start or finish the day.
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I enjoy Robert's flowing commentary, encouragement and earthiness. As a strong instructor myself, I teach a Gentle on Fridays. Super helpful!
Also, figured out that Robert's voice and something about him reminds me a bit of Keanu Reeves! True?
I love reading these comments! So happy that I can provide something for you all that is useful:)) Thank you! Been trying to come up with Keanu quote Fay, I'll think on that one!
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