Keepin' it Real: Spacious Hips, Quiet Mind<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Spacious Hips, Quiet Mind
Robert Sidoti

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Simon ?
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Good morning wakeup moves Robert. Thank you for sharing!
Heike S
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Robert, thank you for this class. I love it and it helps me to teach my class...there are 50% men inside this class...with many hips
Joanne C
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Beautiful start to my day! Thank you Robert. I am SO far away from Pidgeon pose but grateful for where I am, for the kind, gentle practice you offer & Yogaanytime! Cheers!
Robert Sidoti
Glad it's helpful Heike !! The hip region is a good area to move around in and create space :)
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for the sweet comment Joanne ! More important than pigeon pose will ever be is you being 'grateful for where you are':) When we put more emphasis on that, some of the more challenging poses come to us a bit easier (with time of course). It's all in our attitudes when approaching postures, if we are frustrated and angry because pigeon is not available to us, we tend to push and force, this causes injury and more frustration ... when we enter with what's referred to as 'Santosha' (Contentment), we give ourselves a much better chance of feeling good, safe and patient with poses that seem impossible or challenging. Hope this makes sense and all the best to you!
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Great hip opener class and wonderful way to start your day.
Tara T
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Thank you! I may start my husband with this video, building strength and flexibility in his hips may make him more confident in trying some other classes.
Robert Sidoti
Thanks Robin! Glad you enjoyed, have a beautiful day!!
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Tara! Hope this video or others help your guy feel good! There is also a 30 day Challenge you both may enjoy, could do together even:) Great progressive way to build yoga confidence!
Denise A
This is my favorite video Thank you so much.
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