Asana Studies: Long and Strong
Suniti Dernovsek

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Wonderful practice. Thank you. I appreciate the upper psoas stretches. Always looking for ways to stretch the psoas. Namaste
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Question. In a forward low lounge what direction is descending for the front inner leg. Is it towards the knee or is it towards the floor.
Thank you, Lauri
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Hi Lauri,
Great question! In the contexts of this practice you would descend towards your inner knee.
I'm glad you enjoyed the practice. Thank you for your comment.
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I have a vivid imagination so when I'm not sure of something and my mind starts racing to several possibilities I figure best to ask. Thank you, Lauri
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Thank you so much for the practice, I really-really enjoyed it! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Hi Katia, Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
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This was really nice.. I like flows that focus on incorporating the core.. More please!
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Pspoas stretching down in tree pose is a helpful stabilizer. Thanks for this cue. Enjoyed the focus on psoas through out this practice. Love your calm energy.
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I'm always crazy about side-opening, and was delighted by these fresh poses/moves and by your gentle & precise directions, Suniti. Marking this one "Favorite"!
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Thank you for the intelligently sequenced and unique practice.
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