The Vinyasa Show: Integrated Core <br>Alexandra Kambler

The Vinyasa Show: Integrated Core
Alexandra Kambler

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Tina C
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This was a great class! Very instructive and at a good pace! I had problems though with the video getting stuck several times so that I had to restart the video.
Ariella K
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Terrific class. Thank you!
Elaine Fox
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Really enjoyed this -- challenging and refreshing!
Alexandra Kambler
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! : )
Johanna L
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Wow from Sweden! I really liked this. Thank you Alexandra
Carl H
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Just the same lovely feeling as after your classes in Västerås, great!
Frederic M
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Thanks Alexandra. Wonderful flow!
Gabriel W
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Great practice thank you
Janet L
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beautiful class!!! thank you Alexandra Kambler
Poonam R
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Enjoyed it very much
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