Yoga for Athletes: Revived & Ready to Climb
Lydia Zamorano

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Super lovely warmth and opening, especially for my hips, thank you Lydia! x
Misty! Happy that you're sliding around pleasantly in your hips! :) Thanks for commenting! Lydia
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I like the way you give a lot of details to describe every position, thanks!
Hi Misss Melisss. I love the details. They keep interested in the moments. So glad you do too. xo
This is exactly what I need before climbing to stretch and open my body and calm my mind. Thank you.
Hi Lynn. Me too! Glad you like it. :) Lydia
One word for this practice: Aaaaaaahhhhh...
This series would be excellent for EVERYONE. I am not a climber, and I found this practice grounding, integrating, soothing, and opening. Thank you, Lydia Zamorano
Hi Lori. Thank you for pointing that out. I think so too. :) With kindness, Lydia Zamorano
Almost got scared away by the Yoga for ATHLETES title but I jumped in anyways and really enjoyed the session. Absolutely perfect after a day sitting in an office chair!
Hi Dannette So glad you did! I think these are also good for all kinds of people! This one especially for tight feet, shoulders, hips etc. Big love to you!
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