Move to Meditate: Spacious Hips and Pelvis
Lydia Zamorano

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amazing practice!
Muntsa Thank you for your feedback! Love. Lydia 
I liked hearing you talk  about the 50/50 nourishment. Thanks for your nourishing series.
Christel Ahhh so glad this landed with you! I am using it more than ever. Thank you for your feedback. LOVE! 

This is my favorite hip opener yet! I love the way you cue the class - your voice is gentle and yet your instructions are so clear and detailed that it's easy to follow along. Thank you!
Jennifer D Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let me know. I hope we can continue to share practice space together Jennifer. Warmly, Lydia 
This was wonderful too! This is the first time I did a lotus position meditation. While my hips were still tight, I am glad I breathed through it. The 50/50 “rule” is exactly what I am working on as a way to live more fully and warmly. I don’t use percentages (I am an English teacher after all). My concept: build my  daily life  around the pronouns I, you, and we. Treating all with an open heart and mind. Yoga has led me here. Sorry for the yada yada yada 
David Goldstein I love the idea of building life around those pronouns. Thank you! 
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