Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Sun, Sun, Sun Salutations
Melina Meza

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MMmhmm. Thank you for these sweet flows. Feel lit within. 
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Thank you Melina, loved everything about this practice especially the Goddess Sequence
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Thank you for the reminders of self-care.  Look forward to the other 4 classes in this challenge. 
Nice practice! Thank you very much for this challenge, Melina! Kind regards!
Thank YOU all for doing the practice with me with on YogaAnytime and treating yourself to some extra self-care in the heart of winter. 
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Great challenge and reminder on the benefits of ayurveda and enjoying as much daylight as possible this Winter! I did the 1st class after a lovely 6 mile walk with my dog, great way to enjoy Christmas Eve day. Thank you so much!
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Vitamin D is some of the best medicine for the winter! Wishing you much health Sue and I hope you continue to enjoy daily walks with your dog as part of your wellness routine.
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Thank you Melina! I like Yogaanytime a lot but I have missed connecting to teachers at the studio a lot during these times. Today I somehow connected with you and found myself Namaste and thank you at the end. In a loud voice :). Thank you for this class and see you tomorrow.  
Paula, what a gift to hear your experience. One of the goals (if there are such things as goals in Ayurveda) is to remember your true nature...sounds like you had a moment of that in practice today. I hope you continue to stay connected to that sweetness in the months and years ahead!
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This felt sooooo good, Melina Meza ! Thank you for offering this nourishing practice! I feel relaxed, alive, and grounded!
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