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Dana Trixie Flynn

We first met Dana in Half Moon Bay, California.
Read More Her fire engine red hair flowed to the beat of the funky, soulful, rocking mix tape she had created for the workshop; she was dressed in royal blue velvet and her laugh embraced us like a summer day. We have been enchanted ever since.

Recognized throughout the yoga community as a true “teacher’s teacher,” Dana brings an ecstatic expression of movement, music, and community to her practice and her students, as the co-founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers, located in New York City and San Francisco, and Lotus Flow Yoga.

The former stockbroker, restaurateur, and MTV personality turned a life in the limelight into a spiritual transformation, studying with legendary yogis: Jivamukti’s Sharon Gannon and master teacher Rodney Yee. Fiercely innovative and independent, Dana honors and knows well the ancient traditions and codified asana systems of the yogic practice. During her many years of study, she “wanted to explore what it meant to move like herself." Dana and Co-Founder Jasmine Tarkeshi channeled over six years of organic movement experimentation into the creation of the Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers and Lotus Flow Yoga, which is infused with a dynamic Dervish-like energy of dance, song, and joyous revelry.

Dana is the eternal student, ever-present, grateful, and spiritually turned ON. She loves yogis, arugula, rebels, music, dance, poets, tulips, the ocean, biking, and of course Glitter! We are forever grateful for Dana's courageous capacity to shine bright and sip the Divine nectar of this wild and precious life.