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Season 1 · Episode 2

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Yoga is a participative, active, and ongoing inquiry. In Season 1 of Yoga Now with James Boag, we will discover and deepen understanding of how the practical teachings of Yoga can help bring greater balance, skillfulness, harmony, and efficiency into all aspects of our lives.
Read More Together we explore how the principles and support structures of the time-proven yoga method can bring empowerment and healing into our lives now, helping us reclaim sovereignty, expand our perspectives, and foster lifelong evolution and renewal. With humorous, memorable stories, relatable illustrations, mantras and songs, this series will be a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to infuse the practical benefits of yoga into all aspects of life. Let’s begin!

Broadcast Live

Fri. Feb 26

1:00 PM EST

James Boag

1 hour · Level Suitable for All

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