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Welcome to Mantra

Anuradha Choudry welcomes us to Season 2 of Mantra, where we explore a new dimension of the primal sounds through experiencing the meaning of the sounds of our being.

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Featured Mantra Practices

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We hope you feel welcome here and find yoga practices that meet you. Meet some of your teachers.

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James Boag
James is a sanskrit scholar and teaches applied yoga philosophy and mythology around the world.
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Anuradha Choudry
Dr. Anuradha Choudry is a Sanskrit scholar dedicated to the study of the Vedas and promoting Sanskrit as a living, modern, spoken language.
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Mark Whitwell
Mark’s teachings clarify the profound passion and relevance of ancient wisdom to contemporary life.
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Sukhdev Jackson
Sukhdev is a Kundalini and Meditation teacher and her current work and passion is to support women to come back into their personal power an...

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