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Season 12 - Episode 2

Sutra 2.26

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In sutra 2.26, viveka khyatih aviplava hana upayah, we learn that steady clarity of awareness is the means for removal of samyoga and avidya, the things that get in the way of us experiencing yoga and seeing ourselves as we really are.
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Sep 02, 2023
Jnana, Raja
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So the 26 so I've mentioned on more than one occasion what a master linguist potentially is. And this sutran, we see just the the words here are so pregnant with so many layers of rich meetings. So we've got Vivekka, Kyar, Pajar, And so I've said, how are we gonna go about removing this pain that is to be removed? How can we actually come out of this sanyogger? How can remove the Avidya? And so now potentially really starts to tell us. Vivekka means discernment, discriminating awareness. Kiate means clear understanding.

Seeing things accurately. Clear, unfoged perception And then, Avi Plava, all of these words have got lots of connotation. I'm gonna speak about them a little bit more, but Avic Plava, you could say it means inviable, undisturbed, unperturbed, unsinkable, undistressible. So unshakable, unsinkable, inviable, inviable, clear, insightful, discriminating awareness, upaya, Hanaha, is the upaya, the means for the removal of that pain that is to be removed of that false understanding is to be removed. So we have in here the word.

Now, upaya means the means. Okay. So pretend it's telling us how, how to remove that which is to be removed. Viveca. I mentioned earlier, Sami Viveca Nanda. Viveca means discernment.

So it's that clear awareness that is no longer fog, that is no longer tinted veiled, partial biased. It's that clear insight. Now Kyati means literally right knowing, but it's very interesting that the verb in Sanskrit is one that is used mainly in the passive or the causative forms. So what this evokes, what this suggests, this is the the in this different way. There's so many ways potentially could have expressed this, but how does he express? He uses the word Kjati, from a verbal root Kjha, which is usually used in the passive or the causative form.

Remember earlier when we were talking about how the the SEA and the SEAN, and how even though the SEA is pure consciousness, It sees by what is presented to it on the lens of the awareness that the embodied vehicle has. To present things to it. So also meaning right knowing, it also has the connotation of a right knowing that is caused, or that is that is said, that is reported, that is relayed. So it's this sutra in such a condensed way is telling us that the sustained, unbroken, uninterrupted, robust, clear sight, that allows the instrumental powers of awareness to relay to the underlying animating consciousness, a clear discerning, unfoged, uncrowded, undistorted picture, is the means for the removal, the removal of the San yoga and the Evidea the removal of those things that are getting in the way of us experiencing yoga. Because when he says Avidya, this is encoding all of those glaciers to all of those things are stopping us really recognize ourselves as we are. So so much is being encoded with so little, and this is very demonstrative of potential of his genius. This is what he does.

So what is the means? The means is that undisturbed right knowing, right seeing, clear, correct sight, insight, discernment. Now I mentioned, I was gonna say a little bit more about the connotations here, and we've spoken about Vivekka and Kyati I'd also like to mention a little bit about this word. I mentioned it means unsinkable, but one of the it's a denoted meaning of this word. It means a boat that cannot be sunk.

A boat that cannot be distressed. So what what a what a of all the word choices, the connotations are so suggestive here. There's this poetic quality here. In potentially is ultra distilled language. I don't know if you've been to see.

I I, well, I haven't. I mean, I'm being out on a boat. I'm not being out by our friends who've sailed around the world. And I've seen footage of their adventure. And sometimes you're in high seas. And the boat is distressed.

You've been tossed here and there, and, you know, they say it was being smashed with the waves and he potentially is saying the means for the removal of those things that are getting in the way of us experiencing yoga. Is an unsinkable, undistressible clarity of awareness. So in other words, even in the midst of the tumult and the storms and the high seas and the high winds and the raging tempers and whirling wonder of life in the midst of all of it, what is the means? Steady, clear, unsinkable awareness. Now, unsinkable, this is another, for me, anyway.

I mean, There is the idea that, the yoga Sutra Text was set down before the Baghavangita was set down in its poetic form. There is also the idea that the Baghavangita was given to Arjuna on the battlefield long before the yoga sutra. Nonetheless, setting to one side, those linear historical perspectives, and considering the sutras and the as these wonderfully complimentary mutually supportive miracle, Miritex, of the Practical School of Indian Philosophy, which is yoga. Krishna also says in Nagita, there's a very memorable first where he says the self can be the self's best friend. The self can be the self's worst enemy.

And he says, you should use yourself to lift yourself up. You should not use yourself to sync yourself. Don't let yourself be sunk by your attitude. So that verse of the Gita echoes for me whenever I hear Avip Plava in this Sutra. So what is the means Invilable, unshakable, very robust, resilient, clear, discerning awareness, Okay.

Great. Well, how do I cultivate that? How do I make that manifest? How am I gonna bring that into being? And when that is brought into being, what does it look like? How will I know that I'm actually getting there? This is where Pitanja will


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