Online Yoga with Lydia Zamorano

Lydia exudes the wild quiet of nature. You can see the fire that burns in her through the bright sparkle in her eyes and feel the strength of her container she has so diligently crafted.

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What Our Members Are Saying About Practicing with Lydia

"Yes...when was the last time I gave my hands and wrists some love? Thanks for this insightful practice Lydia. Felt like I was walking on air after the hamstring stretches."

- Yoga Anytime Member

"This felt soooo good...I always love it when I’m guided by an expert to find new nooks and crannies and sticky spots."

- Yoga Anytime Member

"A much needed practice after yesterday's bouldering session... And your way of leading the meditation had me on the verge of tears. Thanks for shining bright!"

- Yoga Anytime Member


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