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Yoga Courses to Deepen Your Yoga Studies

With an emphasis on honing our skills in relationship, so that the teachings can be translated appropriately in each moment, these shows encourage questioning, inner listening, and trust.

Philosophy and Anatomy Courses for Teachers

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Our Teachers

Aimee Bello Image
Aimee Bello
Alana Mitnick Image
Alana Mitnick
Alexandra Kambler Image
Alexandra Kambler
Ali Cramer Image
Ali Cramer
Annie Moyer Image
Annie Moyer
Anuradha Choudry Image
Anuradha Choudry
Arturo Peal Image
Arturo Peal
Audra Carmine Image
Audra Carmine
Betsy Stix Image
Betsy Stix
Brenda Lear Image
Brenda Lear
Cheri Clampett Image
Cheri Clampett
Chris Hoskins Image
Chris Hoskins
Dana Slamp Image
Dana Slamp
Dana Trixie Flynn Image
Dana Trixie Flynn
David Garrigues Image
David Garrigues
David Gordon White Image
David Gordon White
Denise Antonini Image
Denise Antonini
Deven Sisler Image
Deven Sisler
Devon Riley Image
Devon Riley
Dylan Bernstein Image
Dylan Bernstein
Eden Flynn Image
Eden Flynn
Emily Perry Image
Emily Perry
Emily K. Benaron Image
Emily K. Benaron
Emma Warmington Image
Emma Warmington
Erich Schiffmann Image
Erich Schiffmann
Gil Hedley Image
Gil Hedley
Heidi Fokine Image
Heidi Fokine
Helya Glen Image
Helya Glen
James Boag Image
James Boag
Jani Jaatinen Image
Jani Jaatinen
Jasmine Tarkeshi Image
Jasmine Tarkeshi
Jennifer Prugh Image
Jennifer Prugh
Jessica Garay Image
Jessica Garay
Jessica Magnin Image
Jessica Magnin
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo Image
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo
Jillian Pransky Image
Jillian Pransky
Jules Mitchell Image
Jules Mitchell
Julia Berkeley Image
Julia Berkeley
Julian Marc Walker Image
Julian Marc Walker
Julie Westlin-Naigus Image
Julie Westlin-Naigus
Karen Kelly Image
Karen Kelly
Kari Sims Anthon Image
Kari Sims Anthon
Kate Duyn Cariati Image
Kate Duyn Cariati
Kate Smith Image
Kate Smith
Katie Silcox Image
Katie Silcox
Kelly Sunrose Image
Kelly Sunrose
Kira Sloane Image
Kira Sloane
Kristin Leal Image
Kristin Leal
Kyra Haglund Image
Kyra Haglund
Laura Tyree Image
Laura Tyree
Leeann Carey Image
Leeann Carey
Lesley Desaulniers Image
Lesley Desaulniers
Linda Baffa Image
Linda Baffa
Linda Sparrowe Image
Linda Sparrowe
Lydia Zamorano Image
Lydia Zamorano
Margi Young Image
Margi Young
Maria Villella Image
Maria Villella
Mark Whitwell Image
Mark Whitwell
Mark Robberds Image
Mark Robberds
Mary Beth LaRue Image
Mary Beth LaRue
Mary Dana Abbott Image
Mary Dana Abbott
Matt Pesendian Image
Matt Pesendian
Melina Meza Image
Melina Meza
Melody Moore Image
Melody Moore
Mia Togo Image
Mia Togo
Michelle Marlahan Image
Michelle Marlahan
Nathan Briner Image
Nathan Briner
Nicole Inglish Image
Nicole Inglish
Nikki Myers Image
Nikki Myers
Nikki Estrada Image
Nikki Estrada
Padma Borrego Image
Padma Borrego
Patricia Sullivan Image
Patricia Sullivan
Paul Hardiman Image
Paul Hardiman
Peter Sterios Image
Peter Sterios
Quinn Brett Image
Quinn Brett
Ravi Ravindra Image
Ravi Ravindra
Rebecca Urban Image
Rebecca Urban
Renee Sills Image
Renee Sills
Richard Rosen Image
Richard Rosen
Ricky Tran Image
Ricky Tran
Rob Hess Image
Rob Hess
Robert Svoboda Image
Robert Svoboda
Robert Sidoti Image
Robert Sidoti
Rosemary Garrison Image
Rosemary Garrison
Sadie Nardini Image
Sadie Nardini
Sarah Lowe Image
Sarah Lowe
Sarah Beston Image
Sarah Beston
Saul David Raye Image
Saul David Raye
Scott Lewicki Image
Scott Lewicki
Scott Blossom Image
Scott Blossom
Sean Johnson Image
Sean Johnson
Shannon Crow Image
Shannon Crow
Shelley Williams Image
Shelley Williams
Sonia Isart Sanou Image
Sonia Isart Sanou
Steph Winsor Image
Steph Winsor
Sukhdev Jackson Image
Sukhdev Jackson
Suniti Dernovsek Image
Suniti Dernovsek
Suzy Nece Image
Suzy Nece
Thorald Koren Image
Thorald Koren
Trina Altman Image
Trina Altman
Uschi Gibson Image
Uschi Gibson
Wade Gotwals Image
Wade Gotwals
Zeynep Celen Image
Zeynep Celen
Zoe Ho Image
Zoe Ho
Zubin Shroff Image
Zubin Shroff

From Our Customers

Alix Murray Image
Alix Murray
Love this site! The quality of teachers and exceptional organization of the site is unbeatable. I've already shared your site with three of my friends and they are equally in love.
Nia White Image
Nia White
I began teaching yoga a year ago. I'm nestled in a small town in Southeast Louisiana and so far have not found classes for my own practice that offer the depth that yours do.
Tesa Dunn Image
Tesa Dunn
I recently moved and have not yet found a studio that resonates with me. Hence, I am so grateful to have found Yoga Anytime. Thank you.

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