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Practices designed to touch the subtle life force through play of breath

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1-Minute SOS Pranayama Practice

Michelle Marlahan guides us in a short SOS breathing practice to quickly soothe the nervous system while helping to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Our Hope

We hope you feel welcome here and find yoga practices that meet you. Meet some of your teachers.

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Richard Rosen
We love Richard's intelligent, generous, and methodical approach to teaching yoga.
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Jani Jaatinen
Jani is a sincere, dedicated, and devoted yogi who shares his love and knowledge of yoga in a clear, dynamic, generous, and authentic manner...
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Robert Svoboda
Accused of not being from this planet, Rob's intellectual and emotional capacity for life's greatest mysteries is unparalleled.
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Patricia Sullivan
Quiet and refined, Patricia generously shares her discoveries, and shimmers with delight while doing so.

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