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Having my own yoga studio, living by the ocean, experiencing long-term travel - these things that have brought me the most joy in life were things I once could only dream about. There was a time when my life was not as aligned with my passions and the things that make me happy. Years ago, when I found myself working in an office day after day, feeling disconnected and confused about my purpose, I knew I had to make a change.

I wanted to live a life that felt inspiring to me. It took several years to really figure out what that looked like. I followed things I was curious about and interested in. Along the way, I discovered yoga, which eventually turned into signing up for teacher training and starting to share yoga with others. I realized that in my work, I wanted to feel like I was truly helping others and making a difference.

Through many decisions and shifts, I eventually I made my way to where I am now. As a yoga studio owner, I am grateful to be constantly inspired in my work. I love watching others grow through their own practice. I am able to be creative in my offerings, leading teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops to share and explore with others. This work and the path to get here was not always easy, but I know that it's in full alignment with who I am, and continues to help me grow.

Be brave and go beyond simply thinking, wishing, and dreaming. Take the next step, even it’s a small one.

If there is something that you're working on calling in, here are three things that can help you make things happen with inspired action:

  1. Embody the feeling of your desire, and act "As If"
  2. Ask yourself these questions: If I had what I want, what would it feel like? And how would I act? When you can envision your dream so clearly that you can actually imagine what it feels like in your being, it becomes more real. When you can feel it, you can start to direct your actions in a way that is aligned and in coherence with your vision.

  3. Take inspired action
  4. Although vision boards and positive affirmations are wonderful tools along the way to manifesting a dream, taking concrete steps and actions towards a goal will get you there even quicker if it’s meant to be. Be brave and go beyond simply thinking, wishing, and dreaming. Take the next step, even it’s a small one. It will get you that much closer to where you want to be.

    Before I opened my actual yoga studio, and before I was even realIy ready to do it, I enjoyed my free time dreaming and planning about it. I picked my studio name, Yoga Bliss, and registered the business name. I had my brother create a logo for me. I wrote website content and created class schedules and class descriptions. This was all work I would have to do when I eventually found the right location, and all of this work was complete and there for me when I did find the perfect space.

  5. Practice surrender
  6. Perhaps the most challenging part of working towards something, especially if it's a lofty goal, is working towards it without attachment. Having a desire for something doesn’t necessarily mean that it will serve you best or that it’s meant to be. Yet, you can have confidence that the pursuit of your goals will direct you closer to what brings you fulfillment, even if it may not end up exactly how you initially envisioned. No matter what, there is growth in the journey. After all, oftentimes the best things in life are unexpected. Having an open mind and loosening the reins of control allows space for the miraculous to happen.

I wish for everyone to have the courage to move in the direction of a life that is inspiring, expansive, and fun! In making choices to do so, there will certainly be moments of growth and evolution. May we all live a meaningful life, in line with what is true in our hearts and in the greatest service to others.

Lara Estrada
About the Author

Lara Estrada

Lara is a yoga instructor and owner of Yoga Bliss Yoga Studio, a boutique studio in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles. She has been guiding yoga classes since 2010, and loves to witness the transformation of others becoming both stronger and more relaxed through their practice. You can practice with Lara on Yoga Anytime in the 30-Minute Yoga Flows show.


Jenny S
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Very inspiring!  I love that you created a name for your yoga studio, as well as registering the business and all the other concrete things you did before you had even found a space! This is such a positive way to go about life 🙌

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