Sarah Lowe

With four teacher trainings - including Ashtanga with David Swenson and teaching to vulnerable populations and incarcerated youth - under her belt, and 15 years of practice combined with nearly 9 of full-time teaching, Sarah brings experience and compassion to her classes. Her teaching weaves together a wry sense of humor, spiritual and yogic theory, music, and safe, tailored physical practice. She believes in teaching people, not poses. She emphasizes mobility, mindfulness, and practical movement over flexy-bendy party tricks (but those are fun, too).

In 2013, she co-founded and owned a small yoga studio in Shanghai, China. After three wonderful years, it shuttered in 2016 when she relocated to the United States.

For what it's worth, she was once called the 'Nigella Lawson of yoga' by a longtime student.

After eight years in China, she now lives and works in New York City.



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About me

I'm: a Woman - 39 Years Old
Where I Live: New York City

My Yoga Journey

Years of Yoga Experience: 19
Practice Frequency: Most days

My Teacher Training

Ashtanga (2013)
Vinyasa (2008)


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My Yoga Inspirations

What inspires you? What nourishes you? What brings you joy?
Living in a big, bonkers city is endlessly inspiring (as well as occasionally infuriating!). Reading, writing, playing with my dog, and running (my new hobby )all bring me joy and help keep me happy and healthy in Shanghai. I'm also a good eater and look for every opportunity to stuff my face with something yummy.
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