21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 23

Day 11: Hamsa

20 min - Practice


We settle in before moving into a mantra-based meditation practice working with the energizing and uplifting mantra, Hamsa: That I am. Notice what you are experiencing.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Felt I was tapping into a source of energy, there was a palpable sensation of something coming into me. I was refreshed and revitalized , lighter, more at ease and graceful. You are a wonderful teacher Nikki. Namaste.
Glenford wonderful to hear!
My understanding of the Sanskrit is as follows: "soham" = saha (he) + aham (I), and the verb "to be" is understood. I am he; saaham = saa (she) + aham (I). I am she; hamsa translates as "swan",  saaham and hamsa are both heard in the recitation of this mantra. Two meanings for the price of one!
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hello. I felt warmth filling my body within the first few seconds of reciting the mantra..I also find really interesting that even though I get "caught up" in thinking about different things from time to time the mantra is still there, I never lose it. Is that something standard? :)
Barbora yes its very common. Our minds are so good at staying busy even while using a tool! But even still you are dropping in more than no meditation at all. You are still accruing positive effects is what I mean to say. 
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Oh wow, that was invredible. It was so uplifting and touching and I had a lot of tears of feeling like a huge weight that disappeard during this meditation with this mantra. It was an amazing experience…! It surprised me because I did not connect with soham. I was a little disappointed over the past days and even paused yesterday to breath and restart with new motivation today. And today it was a pure revelation! ✨ Thank you for your guidance, Nikki! 💫
Brigitte M thats wonderful to hear! and yes we all have times of resistance and some meditations are harder. But sticking with it over time, yields results. 
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 A sense of floating. The Grand Canyon below me. No fear, just peace and connection 

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