Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 13

Day 11: Balance 5

30 min - Practice


Today we begin with traditional Surya Namskars (Sun Salutations) before moving into a big balance challenge. We explore a few new postures like Bakasana (Crow Pose) and go deeper with the postures we've explored thus far. You will feel great and happy that you showed up for you!
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


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Thanks for this practice! I fell out of the arm balance  poses a few times.  I could feel myself becoming a little frustrated so I paused the video and took some calming breaths. Then I returned with a quieter mind and renewed courage which made all the difference!  Really appreciating the practices  in this challenge and what they are bringing to my body and mind.  
M Angela the arm balances are tough. Taking the pause to slow things down was the perfect move. Just a note that you could stick with a particular lesson for a few days to marinate in the ideas and poses presented there. Or jump back to a lesson you enjoyed (or had trouble with). This can give the body a chance the opportunity to evolve and grow. 
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Great sequencing. Wonderful instruction. One question; when doing twists, you have been starting to the Left. I've been taught to turn right first then left.  Is there a reason for this? Thanks, Lenny

Sally, yes, but it’s a silly answer. For the sake of visibility in the videos it works much better to start in the left in most cases. 😁
If you prefer starting with the right side and it works for you in the flow then it would be fine to do it that way. 
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Bakasana is definitely a challenge pose for me! I appreciate your step by step approach here.   : )
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This was a challenging class for me. I felt unsafe trying to do the arm balance poses so I kept the block and stayed put. I'm going through the classes in the order because my challenge is to keep it up for 30 days. When I make it, I'll for sure revisit the classes at my own pace ;) Thanks for the good instruction Nathan
Lyse Thank you for listening to your body. I agree, go through the whole challenge and then come back to different lessons at your own pace. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish on round 2!!
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Thanks Nathan. This one was also challenging for me as I am more level 1/2. I had to pause the video also to ask myself if I wanted to give it a try. I felt unsafe as well but succeeded in taking one foot off the block at a time. To be honest I enjoyed watching you doing it instead. I am not there yet. Looking forward to round 2!
Greetings from Geneva
Luna! Wow Geneva! Welcome 🙏 
Good call on taking the pause. There is so much to digest in this challenge that taking your time can only bring more and more benefit. I’m excited to know how it goes  when you try again. Let me know if I can offer any help. 
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You are welcome Nathan! We live in a small world. The short story is that I have known your studio (is it the same for both?) for more than 4 years now with PilatesAnytime first then I got an offer to join YogaAnytime.
As long as you give me more flexibility for challenging poses, I won't feel left out 🙏🏾  
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