Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 28

Day 26: Integration 2

30 min - Practice


Today we continue to explore the joint-to-joint connection that helps us open into the body and into a deep sense of integration. We pay close attention to the inner arms and legs as we move through our practice. You will feel aware and integrated.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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Thank you for the practice today. Regarding the inner rotation of the arm. For those who are very flexible, at what point do you stop turning the inner arm.
Sally, typically we work to roll the tricep forward in the arms over head position. Is that what you’re asking?
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Beautiful to explore cultivating this expansive energy in familiar standing poses. So transformational. Enlightened embodiment. 
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Going to have to revisit this one. Had a hard time “getting” (physically and intellectually) the inner lift of the arms. The cue to press down with thumb and index finger confused me a bit as it seems in opposition to the movement of the arms, but I suppose that’s the point! My arms, shoulders and back are tired from surfing today, so it was a particular struggle today. Hoping it comes together another day. Really enjoying these subtle challenges.
Eden, Yes you are totally right. When we press the thumb and index finger down, the initial reaction by the arms is to follow and the bicep rolls downward toward the floor. But! If you establish the pressure of the thumb and index finger as a foundation, pressing in to the floor, and from that, roll the biceps upward toward the ceiling, a whole new view opens. the arms lift rather than sink. the shoulders can widen away from the neck rather than pinch in. And the lifting and rolling of the arms as I am describing sets the shoulder blades in such a way that the chest can be deeply opened and moved into the pose. 
Let me know what you discover :) 
Eden, I am speaking about downward dog. But this action holds true in its relative way for most poses. 
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Nathan Briner Hence the first exercise spreading the fingers on one hand.  Makes sense now.  Thanks!!
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That was amazing! My whole body feels invigorated, connected and happy. Always more to experience.
That is wonderful to hear, Martha
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Thank you so much Nathan for this session and for the whole challenge. It’s one of the best I’ve done. For a long time I’ve had a somewhat painful pinching at the crease of the left shoulder and head of the arm, whenever I lift my arms overhead. It’s more pronounced when I’m supine with arms extended behind along the floor. But today, holding the block between my palms, narrowing my elbows and lifting the block towards the back of my head, I felt relief from that pinching pain. So, thanks a million for that! 😀 Although I have a daily yoga practice, the strength work we did earlier in the challenge suggested to me that I could do with more of that. I’ve starting lifting weights at a gym and have found even over just two weeks that it has improved the steadiness of my yoga practice. I love your thoughtful, sensitive approach! All the best 🌺
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