Bunion surgery and recovery yoga

Please can anyone advise are there any practices I can do following bunion surgery. Ideally can’t use foot for at least 6 weeks
Dearest Angela, we are so hoping that your surgery was successful and you are recovering.
We have lots of classes that will meet your current situation. Of course, we recommend taking great care and moving slowly and kindly.

Have you ever tried Yin Yoga? Designed to prepare the body and mind for meditation, the practice is slow and deep and we never stand up.
While some of the practices might ask you to make modifications around placement of your foot, there is almost no weigh bearing.
Wait for It: Yin Yoga and Meditation.

Relaxation Takes Practice is full of restorative practices that allow you take your standing practice to the graound. I especially recommend Seasons 2 and 3 with Leann.

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Season 1 of Anatomy for Yogis with Arturo Peal has a lot of groovy slow practices to help release tension.

This class with Patricia Sullivan might be a fun way to start to give your foot some love after the surgery.

And maybe you would enjoy some of the deep breath work in our show, Into the Wild. . Or dropping into one of our meditation challenges.

Stay close and let us know what's working.
Kira and Sarah

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