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Sorry - I know you're not doctors - just very gently running this by you, if I may. I'm 53 - been a subscriber for a year and LOVING it. I LOVE this forum and am so grateful. Side effect of my home practice - both upper arms and shoulders (particularly right) are wanky with arthritic-type pain. Obviously a result of the practice. I had nothing like it at all before. But I don't want to quit the yoga because it's so beneficial in so many ways. I'm just being careful. I know when not to attempt a pose and when to be careful. But have you heard of this before? Is it possible it'll go away with time? I have a friend who thinks I should replace the home practice with a real time practice locally, but I don't want to do that at this time. Would love any feedback.
Suzanna I'm sorry to hear about the pain you're experiencing. So much of our practice comes down to listening and allowing this space of respect for our bodies. We recommend reaching out to your doctor or healthcare practitioner, as it's impossible to say just what could be at play.

With your doctor's support, you may find relief in incorporating more restorative yoga practices or gentler classes that don't include weight-baring on your hands.
Suzanna, shows like Relaxation Takes Practice,  Therapeutic Yoga and also Too Tight to Stretch may be good places to start.

Keep us in the loop, we'd like to hear how your doing as things progress (and yes, sometimes, the progress is in the slowing down) ;)

Warm wishes,

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