Teacher's Daily Quotes

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I am new to YogaAnytime. I'm so inspired by your quotes, I've kept several in my yoga journal. But sometimes I miss a really good one, and when I go back to the page it's gone, and another is in its place. Is there a listing of each teacher's quotes?
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Oh Jacqueline, that's such a good idea! We will put it in the Q. xok
Thanks for your reply,, Kira While I like most of the aspects of your new YA look, I noticed that the daily quotes are missing! I don't see them at the bottom of each page anymore! I would love it if you could put them back OR add a category for inspirational quotes. They help keep me motivated in my practice, as I used to read them every day.
Is there any way I can access all the teacher quotes? Can you make a list available, like I suggested a few months ago? That would be great!
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Jacqueline, they are coming back! And yes, we will figure out a way to pull them for you. In the Q! xo Kira and Sarah
Okay, that's good. Please let me know when those quotes become available. Thanks!

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