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Bridgette Bradley
Make downloadable for buffering free listening out and about
Hi Bridgette, thanks for sharing! We do have a couple options. There is the option to download video classes on our iOS app. Here's how.

However we actually have audio versions on all our videos. Click on the little headphones icon next to or below the video (on mobile site). That will play an audio-only file that is loads faster.

Bridgette Bradley
Thank you Ashley-Marie.
If have an android phone but I'll try the audio option. Namaste
Bridgette Bradley Please let me know if that works out for you!
Bridgette Bradley
Ashley-Marie Olgado unfortunately not. As soon as I loose 4G the connection with the course is lost. I'm particularly enjoying Ravi Ravindra's lectures on the Baghavad Gita and would like to listen when I'm out running/walking.
Thank you for your responses.
Hi Bridgette Bradley, isn't Ravi wonderful? He has so much wisdom and insightfulness to share.

I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with connection. Yes, the current feature we have to listen to the audio only is still a streaming feature, so a solid wifi or data connection is still needed. I've noted your resquests to share with the team here, and I appreciate your patience. Thanks so much for sharing and reaching out!

Ashl ey
P.S. Bridgette Bradley, an Android app is in the works, so hold tight!
Bridgette Bradley
Ashley-Marie Olgado this would be awesome. Thank you so much for all your replies and listening to my request s.
I'm such a fan of Yoga Anytime and as a teacher I am learning so much from the YA crew. You all influence my classes and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙏

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