Post crossfit workout Yoga session

Hello, I am looking for post workout session of around 20-30min. As I am doing crossfit 5 days a week, I am looking for yoga routines to relax my body, connect with my body (ie. how I feel it), stretch and why not some core yoga static pose when I don't feel to tired. Do you think you can guide me with this ? Thanks for everything ! Best regards, Mattis NAUD
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Hi Mattis! Wow, that is super impressive that you are doing CF 5x a week! I'll make a few suggestions and if none of these are fit, let us know and we can keep trying to make the right match! 

Our character limit in these replies is 1000, so it will take a few comments to provide all the info. Best, Kira

For slow deep stretching, check out the show Yin Yoga:

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For 20 to 30 minute Fluid Routines to help maintain flexibility, thy these shows:


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Or, maybe Good Morning Yoga with Alana Mitnick:

Or Keepin' It Real with Robert Sidoti

Or you might like Nathan Briner's Season 2 of Yoga Rx. His level of detail might provide the joint relief you need after lifting.

Stay close,
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Hello Kira !

Thanks you so much for these advice ! I'll let you know what fit the best for my post workout session !


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