An android app

Ellen  O' Connor
It would be fantastic to have an android app complete with a Google cast function. At the moment I'm just using a bookmark for the site on my tablet/phone homepaget.
Maria W
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Ellen ~ If you have a Chromcast and a desktop computer with a Chome browse, you can cast Yoga Anytime by following these instructions. We hope to one day also have an Android app!
Leah K
I second an android app! I would love to have an app for my phone when I am on the road :)
Stella S
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I have tried casting and it is all such a schlep! Is there any way that a android app can be made available as I can't download videos or access anything without wifi at the moment, and I travel a a few donloaded videos would be a great help
Hi Stella, thanks for your suggestion and for shedding light on how you personally would like to practice with us! While being able to offer an Android app down the road is definitely on our radar, I'm unable to provide a time frame at this moment. Please do keep sharing what you like, and what you'd like to see more of to make your experience with us better — we're listening and improving the site all the time! Warm wishes, Ashley xo

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