I am pretty active in exercising such as running , plyometrics, and light weight training , But Yoga Is a totally different ball game for me , My question is , how many days and how many hours a day shall I do yoga , and how long does it typically take to see results? Thank you
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Dearest Ericka, So glad you are here! Just like all your other activities, the more often you engage, the more quickly you will notice a response. The most common results of a regular yoga practice are clarity of mind, generosity of heart, and easier acceptance of what is. These openings often result in a greater feeling of flexibility and strength in the body. Since it sounds like you are active physically, we suggest waking up daily with Good Morning Yoga or The Vinyasa Show to find a practice that meets you best. Stay close and keep us posted. xok
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Thank you so much for a very informative reply, I am definitely trying to find clarity of the mind , I am also participating in Bhakti Yoga at my temple and I see that you offer it here !! I am so excited I found this site , and I am also excited I decided to continue on this yoga journey , thank you so much for your suggestions as I will definitely take your advice!

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