Back Pain

Can anyone suggest practices that are best for back pain.
Dearest Michael, we are so sorry to hear you are in pain. We can direct you more successfully, if you can tell us a little more. If you are not comfortable writing here, email us at:

Back pain can be due to a lot of things. Sometimes it's the result of stress, sometimes tightness in the hips, sometimes strengthening the back is the key, sometimes stretching get it.

When you write, we want to know more specifically where in your back is the pain (e.g., your lower back?) and how would you describe your pain (sharp, dull, all the time? only at end of day? and such). What seems to help the pain now? If you are working with a serious condition like disc herniation, degeneration of the vertebrae or such, it might be best to work with someone live before beginning a home program.

Due to our comment length constraint, I will post some suggested practices in the comment below.
Meanwhile, a lot of us find relief in our back when we get more room in the hips. Here is a practice with Arturo:
// -view/313/video/Yoga-Freeing-the-Bo oty-by-Arturo-Peal

Kate's show, Get a Backbone, is a set of sequences to develop flexibility and strength:
// w-view/10/Yoga-Show-Get-a-Backbone

Jules has a sequence to help mobility in the lower back:
// iew/792/video/Yoga-Limber-Lumbar-by -Jules-Mitchell

If stress is the culprit, this practice with Julia might help:
// iew/181/video/Yoga-Relax-and-Rejuve nate-by-Julia-Berkeley

There are many more. Lets see if together we can find the best match.

With Affection,

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