A Yogis Guide to Hacking your Nervous System (Blog)

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Hello Kristin, Would you please explain the pada sp?... breathing for a deviated septum ?  Thank You! Valerie
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Hi Valerie R ! Sorry I didn’t see this question! Pada Drsasana is a great hack to equalize breath/energy in the nostrils especially if you are working with a deviated septum. I believe there’s a class on it in my show Body Poetry but basically you cross your arms over your. Chest and place the hands under the armpits (very Mary Catherine Gallagher) close the eyes and relax the breath drawing your attention to the flow of breath in the nostrils. Through the magic of the autonomic NS and the axillary ganglia the breath should balance best it can even if there is a partial obstruction. Does this make sense? Let me know how it goes!
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Thank You so much Kristin!! 
I do have a deviated septum. As a result the alternate nostril breath has always been challenge. ( my modification was not pretty :) )
For the first time I feel like I can breath fully without restriction.  Namaste
Valerie R that's amazing! I'm so happy that the technique was helpful!
Hey Kristin, this is a wonderful article and very useful.  Looking forward to more practices with you and working on Yoga Nidra skills. Best, David 

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