The Sweet Heart Challenge<br>Season 1

The Sweet Heart Challenge
Season 1

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Patricia P
I already did day 1 and 2 and it keeps telling me I have to start with day 1
Ruth E
Im ready and exited to start this challenge!
Cindy P
I had to do day one twice also. After that the sequence was fine.
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Hi Wade I can't wait to get started on this!. Whilst the whole world is on lockdown this is an amazing opportunity to practice our Yoga and remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things we still have in life and maybe sometimes take for granted. 
I follow your practice series anyway and love your style and so I am very excited to take up this challenge
Love and Light to you and all our fellow Yogis at this challenging time xxx
Serena V
Absolutely fantastic, engaging, nice to watch and some very nice modifications given . 
Christine D
Thanks for a great  Sweetheart challenge, Wade!  I did your challenge  right after Shelley's 30 Day, and I notice now that my front body and shoulders have  started to open up and more strength in the legs.  I was determined to respect my injuries and tightness and I'm thrilled to see progress in my goal of strength and flexibility in my weakest areas as well. Turning sixty in a few days, so I feel that I'm on the right track for my future self.  
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Great to hear from you Christine and congratulations on finishing 2 challenges! I think more inspiring is your awareness on being respectful to your body and injuries (sometimes the hardest part of the asana part of yoga is knowing what is helping and when we are pushing too much damaging the body) 
Great way to start a new decade by giving yourself the gift of ease and openness in the body! Happy Birthday!
Rachel K
I loved this challenge particularly the wall work made me feel happy - thanks wade 
HI Rachel K , so great to hear from you! So happy to hear this and the feed back about the wall work, we are always wondering how that works in viewers home space so YES, good news, we can add more!!
Lailye W
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Wade, Thank you so much. Our family does your classes all the time and it gives us such a powerful sense of spaciousness and gratitude in our bodies. So much appreciation for your teaching! Warmly, Ryan 
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