Advanced Basics with Nathan Briner

Advanced Basics with Nathan Briner

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In Season 1, we turn our attention inward to feel the power of our center, our abdominal region. We explore the actions and strength of the core, hips, and legs in backbends, forward folds, twists, and standing poses, balanci... (more)

Lisa D
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Excited to learn and explore Nathan’s next installment 
Nathan Briner
Lisa D looking forward to seeing you there!! 
Deborah O
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Finally I was able to a bit of a crow pose.  I love learning the correct way to do the poses.  
Thank you I always enjoy your classes Nathan
Nathan Briner
(Edited by Moderator - Brittany Potter on September 22, 2022)
Right on, Deborah O! Were you able to feel the lift of the spine and core? 
Anna W
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Thank you Nathan! This class is wonderful and was really challenging for me. 
Nathan Briner
Anna W Nice to have you here! Let me know if you have any questions or need a modification for any poses. 
All my best 

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