Wait for It<br>Season 1: Kira Sloane

Wait for It
Season 1: Kira Sloane

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In Season 1, Kira will offer a series of progressive Yin Yoga sequences to prepare us for meditation and as a way to touch into the subtler energies of Self.

Alice R
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Loving it -- when is Season 2?!
Soukayna B
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any advice on frequency? How often to yin?
Shall one repeat one practice for a certain number of days, or switch from one to the next?
Again, many thanks for this wonderful practice!
Kira Sloane
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Soukayna, hello there! 

Oh goodness, I love this question so much as it is impossible to answer. Generally, we want our yoga practice to support our daily lives. So, if your daily life is quite hectic, active and demanding, a dose of daily yin can be the perfect medicine. If your daily life is more static and calm, then alternating yin with activities like walking, or more strength building yoga practices might be the right balance. But there are no rules that matter as much as what your internal compass suggests. 

So glad you are here. 
xo Kira
Laurie W
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I know Im a little late to this party but I am loving your videos.  I am in the process of adding YIN practice to my teaching repertoire. I love your cues and different shapes that you encourage different populations to try.  Every class has been a real feel good experience.
Kira Sloane
Laurie W, so sweet to see you! Hope your peeps love the yin practices as much as we do! xok

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