30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 21: Invigorate Your Day
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
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Mid afternoon practice and it still works. Finished with meditation just to complete the feel good sensation. Particularly enjoy the outdoor sessions - much more interesting than inside a studio. Namaste. Sorry, have to dash- off to a dinner party!
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Oh that was great refresher on this summer day.
The Challenge, followed by meditation and prayers, is my morning routine. Feeling great - calm, energized and in touch with my inner source. Thanks Robert. Namaste.
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I love inversion poses, I used the block out of respect for my low back issues.  Delighted to see Fish pose, one of my favorites.  A nice, warming practice.  Grateful for your teaching🌾
Hi Joan ! Day 21!! Sounds like it was a good one for you! Blocks can be a yogi's best friend - no shame in using when they assist in preventing pain and getting you into more optimal form :) 
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Thank you so much. It was one of the clearest support for shoulder standing ever I have!
Hey there Zeynep !! So good to hear about the shoulder stand - it can be an incredible pose when done ‘right’ :)) 
I feel like my body is able to put himself in positions I was not aware I could, and I realice often I was making wrong the postures, Im learning a lot thank you Robert!
I like the way you introduce news moves or postures. Simple but efficient cues!
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