The Yoga Flow Show: Wave of Breath<br>Shelley Williams

The Yoga Flow Show: Wave of Breath
Shelley Williams

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Kate M
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I love your creative sequencing and gentle guidance... thank you!!
Shelley Williams
Megan we have a 30 day challenge coming for January 2019! Hope to see you on it :)
Samantha E
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I came to this video after doing the 30 Day challenge because I loved Shelley's practice but a few of these positions were too advanced for me (particularly the split fold over one). Going to keep trying w this show
Shelley Williams
Samantha thank you for giving these a watch/participation...some of them offer a step up the ladder for options, but with any of these practices, just do what you can and remember there is always a "piece of the pose" you can do... even if it is just the breath part!! Good for you! Love 💗
Julie B
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Fantastic! Thank you so much!!
Shelley Williams
Julie ! You are so welcome, glad you enjoyed this one. Namaste, sister!
Kate M
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Radiant. Empowering. Calmly energizing..
Shelley Williams
Kate! Thanks for your comment...wonderful to see you participating in so much, here!
Glenford N
Thanks Shelley. I feel calm centered and alive. I can feel sparks flying off me. Namaste 
Lina S
I'm discovering a new series! I've really enjoyed the flow of moves. I like the core moves (a mix of toning and stretching), the balance work. Unfortunately, the hanuman pose is unattainable Great cueing too!
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