Good Morning Yoga: Good Morning Quickie
Alana Mitnick

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Good morning, Sue M! So glad you got your Yoga practice in! Wishing you a beautiful weekend with calm, clear and balanced energy. Thank you for being here! Love, Alana 
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Just what I needed to start another busy day. The energy is flowing through my body and I feel refreshed and revitalized. Thanks Alana. Namaste.

Wonderful, Glenford N! May this energy support and nourish you from within. So delighted to be in the flow together. Thank you for being here! Namaste, Alana 
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Thank you Alana, for this nice start into the day :)
Hi Miriam F! So delighted to be practicing together! Thank you for joining me in Yoga. Wishing you a wonderful day! Warmly, Alana 
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This was perfect. Quick, with just the right intensity. I felt so good, my body felt worked in the perfect amount...and I did this practice after work! It works then too!!! I am so grateful to you for this practice. Thank you!
Hi Shandi S, So happy that you enjoyed this practice (after work!). Sounds like you found some relief and energy. Thank you for joining me in Yoga. May it support you in your life. Love, Alana 
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Thank you Alana! This quick practice covers a lot of territory yet feels relaxed. Perfect way to start my day! Namaste!
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That rolling bridge pose was a terrific sequence, as well as the rest. Thank you!
Thank you for joining me Sheri S. You’re right, do cover a lot of territory in this practice! So glad you feel relaxed and ready for your day! Namaste XoA 
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