45 Minute Yoga Flows: Focused Flow
Wade Gotwals

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Really have enjoyed that practice. Thank You. 
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@Marta so great to year, hope your week is going well!
love it. feel jazzed. appreciate the innovation, clarity and smiles!
Hi Shawn happy new year, so glad you are connecting with the flow - thanks for sharing the good energy!
Love the focus on the transition from Virabhadrasana 2 to Ardhachandrasana. "krama vi krama" = "step by step". The way to safely enter new territory...
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Kate did you feel muscles firing up that felt new?! That's my favorite part about it. krama vi krama....keep inspiring us in the forum with the sanskrit, love your knowledge and share! 
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Wade I think what constantly impresses me with your sequencing is how it allows a gradual approach to a pose. This allows the practitioner to safely stop anywhere along the way and explore. It really embraces the concept of vinyasa - the transitions are the thing: it's not just stringing static poses together. Nothing is - ever - static! You do this brilliantly.
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