Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 25: Chill Out
Shelley Williams

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Martha Great job!Keep showing up, and you will keep seeing things become simpler and easier...thanks for your comment, and happy day to you!
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Oh, Shelley. Thank you for writing this. It's important to hear (read) it. And it's so sweet to reseive it from you
Nadia! Con gusto! (my pleasure!) you should come to Costa Rica this summer for our TT yoga immersion... Costa Rica is cruiser central:)
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Loved it. I am balancing so much better!!
Sue! Wonderful! So happy to hear this... you are almost there, and stoked to hear about your progress :)
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I started later than most people, but I'm here and I have not missed a day. Tonight your words hit me and I teared up thinking about how my body has always enthusiastically shown up. And I'm going to watch that my mind does NOT push that down. Shelley, I process slowly, but I have decided that when this challenge ends, rather than run straight to the other series, I will do this one again. Maybe twice more, so I can really watch my soul change and adjust while I see my body gain strength and control. Because it's happening; I'm changing. I just can't verbalize it all yet. I need more time .

My body has worked in ways I wasn't sure it could, but here she comes, enthusiastically trying what we're doing and I've been so surprised at her flexibility these last few days and her strength. Yahoo. Here's to gaining more as I cycle back through classes after this ends for me next week.
Nancy ! I am so moved to read this, and feel in my heart your genuine words and enthusiasm. I am so happy to hear you are going to repeat this and give yourself the gift of time and frequency to get to know yourself/ how your body and awareness can continue to evolve. Its beautiful. Much affection to you.... Namaste
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Lovely combination of fire and water in this sequence...
I'm feeling called back to a longer savasana...
Kate ! Happy weekend~ yes,never underestimate the power of savasana! 🤓
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