Yoga and the Somatic Experience: What is Somatic Movement?
Suniti Dernovsek

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Is it possible to have the audio transcript of this class, at least?
you are so ALIVE (I want me sum of dis ;) )-the words have a completely different vibration than i've encountered.  curious and thrilled to participate in your offering!  thank you for your work
Sweet!  I love your enthusiasm and I'm so glad we've connected here. 
Leonardo - Hi!  That is a good idea but I don't have a transcript of the class.
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Great meeting you here. 
I felt so drawn to this course, and I'm so grateful to listen to the inner call! Suniti, I love and appreciate what you are sharing. Thank you for your wisdom. Maybe I will do a training or workshop with you at some point. Until then, I will be enjoying these teachings, your guidance and reconnecting with the now. 
Thank you Ashley. I am so grateful we found each other here and yes to in-person study someday down the road.
So wonderful to hear you speak so eloquently and truthfully.  I've missed being in your classes in NE Portland.  Thank you for being here!  Zoe Tokar
Hi Zoe!  I'm so glad you found me here. I hope we will be in class together again soon.
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