Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Balance 4<br>Nathan Briner

Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10: Balance 4
Nathan Briner

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Nathan Briner
Michele S, I’m with you on that. Covid has deeply impacted us on so many levels. For a lot of my local clients, their movement practice has suffered because of lockdowns etc. They’re slowly getting back into it but, like you’ve said, the body isn’t ready for full-steam-ahead quite yet. It will come back though, stronger than ever with new insights. Glad to have you here!
Lara P
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Thanks Nathan, I’m enjoying every step of this challenge and feel the positive impact it’s having on my body! I really like the way each lesson builds on the previous one, it’s so motivating.
Nathan Briner
Thank you Lara P! I’m glad you’re feeling the positive uplift from the series. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. Here’s to a fabulous 2021! 🎉
Rachel B
Hi Nathan. I am wondering about standing splits. I can never really raise my leg very much. Is it my hamstrings? 
Nathan Briner
Rachel B, that’s a likely culprit but there are a number of other factors as well. If you send me a picture of you doing the pose I can give you a more definite answer. A side-on shot would give me the most info. 
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Thank you for this challenge. I am now doing it for the second time. The first time around it was too much for my body and I dig one of these sessions every other day and a resotorative session every other day. Now I can do a session every day, but I feel the work. And I can tell I have gotten stronger and more mobile. Thank you again. Looking forward to more and more feelings of space. Will do the whole challenge again at some point.
Nathan Briner
Charlotte, that is amazing to hear! I’m love that you’ve come back for round two and that you can feel all these changes. I hope to hear how you’re feeling after day 30. 💪💪🙏
Natalie G
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I am enjoying this challenge some poses I can't do yet but i feel my legs getting stronger . Thank you for showing to use blocks as  I am not as flexible as you yet. but  hope I get there.
Nathan Briner
Natalie G! I’m stoked you’re here doing the challenge. You’ve got the right mind set. It takes time for the body to adapt and adjust to these new poses, but it does happen! 
If you ever need any help with a pose please don’t hesitate to reach out here or in a private message. 
I hope to hear how things are coming along as you continue the challenge. 
All my best!
Jo S
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Hi Nathan - well I'm still here on day 10 - I repeated the last strength class as that was really challenging for me. These Balance poses are  interesting - it is good to try some different poses for a change - a lot of the videos on the site repeat the same things so I'm enjoying the variety. Its also made me find time every day to practice and I think I'm benefiting from that. Jo.
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