Keepin' it Real: Start Your Day
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
Thank YOU Karen  !! 
Always nice to 'start your day' with some yoga Fabian :)) 
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Great way to get rid of the morning stickiness! I’m noticing a big difference in my mobility when I start the day with some gentle yoga. I also like that there are short little videos for focusing on areas that are sore. I’ve been able to use them on my own when needed. Thanks Robert. 
This is one of my all time favorite practices - always a nice way to move into the day!! I to wake with the morning stickiness and mobility stiffness - yoga (movement) is the best remedy I know of :) Happy you are here Holly !!! 
ready for a chilly saturday! :))
Nice and calming practice! Thanks, Robert!
happy Thursday afternoon:))
The explantions are too long for me to be pausing while he explains everything before doing any moves, 
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