Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence 2 v.1
Rosemary Garrison

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Hi Rosemary!
I hope this finds you well? Joining you for this little session was like meeting a wonderful  old friend - I feel so ready for some lovely lunch and the rest of my day!
Thank you
Thank you, Michelle F . This is beautiful to hear. It is such an honor and a joy to share the practice... and to hear how it is landing for you. Be well. Love and light, R
Beautiful! Thanks, Rosemary! Regards!
My pleasure, Sandra Židan ! Such a joy to share with you! Be well. 
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good to revisit this one. nice balance and pace. thanks Rosemary.
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So sweet and complete : ) Thank you Rosemary : )
Thank you, Kate M . So glad it hit that spot!
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Thank you! Great class and my first 🐫. Great way to balance some cycling intervals. 
Yay for your first camel!!! David G-  Have you been doing it much since then? 
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