A Gita Retreat: The Power of Purpose and Practice: Day 1: Dance of Dharma
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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Laila Thank you so much and so happy you found the retreat and are enjoying the practices! 
Laura M SO happy you found it too, I loved creating it so much!
Thank you Jasmine for starting us on this amazing journey to find our true selves. I love the unique way you share the wisdom of the Gita. Your descriptions and imagery are so relevant, as is the description of how each pose can help us grow and expand. So grateful. 
The 'Vingnette' on FB piqued my interest. Your 42 minutes was amazing !! İt's so lovely to see how your Vinyasa approach differs to my usual  approach learned over many years. I'm inspired to really  integrate the child and downface dog to assist  the resting spaces in a beautiful long Vinyasa that integrates many powerful asanas ! Thank you 
Jasmine! Thank you, I am so happy to have found this practice. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a deep, powerful and moving way. 
Diane C I'm so happy you are enjoying the retreat and the Gita teachings! They are indeed so relevant now and to return to again and again.
Shelley B I'm so happy you found the retreat and are enjoying the practices. Such a honor to share these powerful teachings and thrilled that they are inspiring you!
Charlie S I'm so happy you found these practices too! What a relevant time to find them and go deep into the teachings and ourselves.
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Oh Jasmine, after our time practicing together I was already thinking about doing some physical cleaning and throwing out today and this practice just confirmed it. Practicing with you really lit up a fire in me that a had  almost forgotten about. Thank you.
Tina P It is so wonderful to receive your comment and I am so happy the practice inspired you! 
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