30 Minute Yoga Flows: Get Twisted
Wade Gotwals

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Wade: you are knocking it out of Wrigley. Didn’t think I worked to hard until my quads were burning during a fast group ride an hour later. Cyclists in Chicago should attend your classes. Facts! 

Humid here and I was stiff and and joints were old man not getting his soup cranky. Minutes later I was ready to do some twisting. Hope you had a good day too  brother. 
David G- HAHAH Knock it out of Wrigley! Yes! Thanks for the home town reference! Have you been to a game or concert there - one of the best old school stadiums! Glad you were feeling this quad burner!
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Wade: yes, in 2001. I drove across the country, watched my Mets lose in Wrigley, but wow, what a park. Rode my bike up near Northwestern U. 
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Wonderful sequence! I feel transformed and lighter. You are so creative:)
Hi Hope H it's wonderful to hear from and and thanks for sharing the good energy after you are all twisted!!!!
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