Keepin' it Real: Core Yoga<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Core Yoga
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
David G- 3 bananas, pickle juice and water - sounds like a great recovery potion! I'm glad this class gave you such a good strong feeling - that was the plan! :) 
Robert Sidoti
Maya A Hey there Maya! Nice to be back and to see you! I hope the rest of the season feels good for you - thanks so much for being here and for your comment! 
Robert Sidoti
Matthew Hey there friend - nice to see you and hear from you - been awhile! Thanks for the comment 'unhurried guidance' - I love that! see you again soon I hope! 
Robert Sidoti
Aree C Many many thanks to you Aree!! 
Christel B
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Feeling all worked out and rejuvenated!
Eric M
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Wow! That was challenging on such a hot hot day! Amazing core workout. I now have ‘yoga space envy’ - that’s a fabulous space and back drop you’ve got there - it must be a joy to walk in there every day!
Luciana B
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I love your classes Robert and I am glad there's a new season :)
I have a tendency of over stretching and that's what happened when I practiced yesterday. Any tips to help me recover?
Many thanks
Robert Sidoti
Christel B !! Nice to see you here! How have you been?! 
Robert Sidoti
Eric M  - glad you enjoyed the core practice, good job too! 
Yes, this Yoga Anytime space is quite special - amazing place to shoot and hang out!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hello there Luciana B  - thanks for practicing with me here, glad you’re here for the new season! 
Yes, over stretching is quite common in yoga :( 
To prevent over stretching - now that would be a lot to try to share here - but to remedy your over stretching, resting the area is what I would recommend, that’s what I would do for myself :))
All my best, Robert
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