45 Minute Yoga Flows: Nurture
Sarah Beston

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You're so welcome, Martina Sweeney, and I am so happy to hear!
Lovely practicing with you, Francesca Venturini!
I am happy to hear that this heart opening practice brought a sense of peace, Christel B. Thank you for sharing!
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Thanks so much for sharing, David G-! I am glad this practice was able to meet you and that you found a meditative state. (P.S. title is fixed! I didn't notice either.)
Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year, Lori C. Love the themes of letting go, surrender, and small deaths. Thank you for the edit!
Thanks, Sarah! Namaste! 🤗🌹🌼
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Beautiful and challenging practice. I was able to do it at almost 6.5 months pregnant! Thank you for teaching!
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Happy November, Sandra Židan! Sending warmth!
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Congratulations, Laura M! I am so happy for you and happy to hear that your practice has been supporting you during this time. Warmest wishes, Sarah
I so needed a little guidance tonight, Sarah. Thank you.
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