Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Soup
Melina Meza

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So love this one. Feeling very open afterwards. Blessings Melina Meza
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blessing to you too!!!!
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Fabulous! I chose this because I had only half an hour to practice... but then I wanted it to be twice as long!
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Yes there was a lot in this short session. Well done. Thank you for having us touch on all the elements.
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Beautiful class... thank you!!!!
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This was a great way to ease back into practice after too many months off. It's especially nice to see/hear you again here in the Seattle area! While laptop Melina is a little tougher for me to follow than in-person Melina, it's far better than no Melina.  I'll definitely do this one again and work up to a few more cycles of Fire.
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